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The SDK is a Software Development Kit that developers can use to retrieve information from the Battle.Net website. At the moment Blizzard only supports this for their MMORP World of Warcraft. You can find their Communities at the following websites:

European World of Warcraft Community
United States World of Warcraft Community

What can I use the Battle.Net SDK for

Since Blizzard currently only provides data for World of Warcraft, so does this SDK. You can use the SDK to retrieve information about the status of the Realms, Character information (think at Gear/Skill/Talents) and guilds. We provide these data in an OOP way, so developers can use these objects easily for their application. Various applications can use the SDK as a source for information, like Character Analasys programs and Guild websites.

In the future we also might want to add support for the Auction House and other features of the World of Warcraft community, and even data about the other games (Diablo III?, Ttian?)

Why the SDK

There are a few other SDK's available to developers to use. But these SDK's are all based on the old Wold of Warcraft Armory This website is not available, but the XML data sources are. However, Blizzard is not supporting these websites anymore, so they might be taken down once the Communities are fully implemented. The SDK uses the new Community sites to get the information.

Also, this project is a fully opensource project, so we encourage people to contribute to this project. At the moment we're still setting up the basics of the SDK, but if you want to help you can alway apply as a developer for this project.

Current Work in Progress

Currently we're working on retrieving and parsing the realm information from the server page (European, United States). This is a proof of concept, and we will use this to find out what's the most convenient way to parse the community sites.
We will try and set a standard how to parse the whole Community site.

What's coming up!

Well, we try to let this SDK to be as complete as possible, but stability and robustness are also very important factors for an SDK. So we're going to create on thing at a time. When the realm information is done we will be working on the following items:
  • Character details
    • Equipment
    • Attributes
    • Talents
    • Glyphs
    • Achievements
    • Statistics
  • Guild details
    • Member lists
    • Calendar
    • Achievements
    • Guild progress
  • PVP
    • Ladder
    • Teams

And probably more!

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